Production Manager (India).

He has worked in many films as “Virsa” by Pankaj Batra, “Yahi Hai Life” by Kitu Ghosh, “Alexandra David Neel” (French film) by Joel Ferguse, “Nachoaea Kumpasar” by Barddroy Barretto and more.

He has collaborated with the most prestigious production companies of India, Apostrophe Films, R.S.Creations, Magic Hour, Saints & Wariors, Pyramid Films.

He made the production of Music Video for IFFI 2005 and Wize Mindz Entertainment (Indo-Pak).

As production designer has worked for the Common Wealth Youth Games 2008, Pune Opening & Closing Ceremony.

His collaborations for Television Shows are “Take One”, produced by Wize Mindz Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., and “Luxury India Show” for Singapore.Jefe de Producción (India).


  • Indian Way

  • Monday, March 27, 2017

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