Drama & adventure (road movie / foot movie)

The story of two men who have lost everything and decide to travel by foot crossing the country to recover their most appreciated value: human dignity.

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    INDIAN WAY is Domus Films independent production by David Blanco.

    INDIAN WAY is a “road movie”, a fiction feature film with Indian actors, spoken in Tamil, Hindi, English and Spanish, a drama to be shot in natural locations in India. The story: two Indian men crossing by feet Tamil Nadu from East to West. The premise: the birth of a friendship between them, helping each other to survive.

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      INDIAN WAY is the story of friendship and survival between Anthony and Rama, two Indians who travel on foot over hostile barren terrain during one week, from the coast of Pondicherry to the big city of Bangalore. Anthony is a ruined peasant looking for work. Rama is running away from his terrible past. Despite professing to different faiths, speaking different languages and being from different castes, they overcome their differences and help each other survive. During their journey a tsunami hits the south of India, forcing them to face a new dilemma.

      Based on a true events.

      How the project started out
      Indian Way film

      Origin and project development

        It was December 2004. For more than two months the filmmaker David Blanco had been travelling through India. He was visiting Vicente Ferrer’s Foundation in Anantapur when the tsunami struck. Although the Thailand coasts were the most affected ones, India also suffered lots of material damage and human lost, mostly in the oriental coast. It was then when David decided to undertake a journalistic tour writing articles, which were published during the following weeks in the international section of the journal “El Faro de Vigo”. The director visited remote places and refugee camps, interviewing fishermen and other people affected by the catastrophe in Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. After this personal experience, through the articles he wrote, own adventures and stories people told him, David decided to write the script of INDIAN WAY.

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        For several years Domus Films works with enthusiasm and without a rest to find the necessary resources to produce the feature film INDIAN WAY. It is not easy. The current socio-economic situation in Spain and Europe is very complex, and more to produce independent feature films with artistic and social value as our project. However, over the years of work, our enthusiasm has not waned, quite the opposite. Currently we have part of the funding, the main Indian actors (Virendra Saxena and Vikas Shrivastav), locations in India (Tamil Nadu and Karnataka) and the technical team  in India and Spain.

        We are convinced that INDIAN WAY will be a special and different film from which everyone will feel proud.

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        The following short videos include several interviews and analyses the content of "Indian Way", from the origin of the film project, the scriptwriting, the soundtrack design, the location scouting and the searching of main actors in South India, showing synthetically only in one minute the spirit and the whys and wherefores of our cinematic adventure.

          01 January

          A dream

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          02 February

          A long way

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          03 March

          The Origin

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          04 April

          The script

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          05 May


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          06 June


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          07 July

          The director

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          08 August

          Initiatory Path

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          09 September


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          10 October

          The soul

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          11 November

          Final push

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          12 December


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          The director

          David Blanco


            David Blanco is filmmaker, scriptwriter, producer and architect, and lives in Barcelona.
            He has received several international and national awards for his short films,
            like the first award in the 9TH ANNUAL TWIN RIVERS MEDIA FESTIVAL, USA (2001)
            with “Borsh, the Shelter”, the award for Best Director in the WEEK OF EXPERIMENTAL
            CINEMA OF MADRID (1996) with “Voyage to the Moon”, or the award for Best Short
            THESSALONICA (2004) with “Heart of Darkness”. With this short film he participated
            in an exhibition organized by the CULTURE INSTITUTE OF BARCELONA. In 2002 he
            was selected to participate in the II SCRIPT’S LABORATORY SGAE/SUNDANCE with
            the feature film project “Circular Paths”.


            He has co-written the short film “Bamboleho”
            and the feature films “Condom Express” and “The Fence” by Luis Prieto. His short film
            “Machulenco” was selected in the 43th INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL OF NEW YORK,
            Brazil, and more. His short film “El Premio” (The Prize) was part of the exhibition
            "THE D-EFFECT BAROQUE", opened at the CCCB of Barcelona in November 2010.
            In 2011 David Blanco completed “La Sombra del Sol” (The Shadow of the Sun), his first
            feature film as director and producer, winner of the Audience Award, Biznaga de Plata,
            in the MALAGA FILM FESTIVAL 2011, and also selected in Warsow IFF (International
            Competition, 2011), in Cinemed, Festival du Mediterranean, Montpellier (International
            Competition, 2011), in Toulouse, Festival de Cine Español (Panorama 2011), in Pune IFF
            (India-Word View, 2012), in Pusan IFF (Korea 2011–market), in Tetouan, Festival de Cine
            Mediterráneo (International Competition, 2012) and more.


            Year 2011. THE SHADOW OF THE SUN. T.R.T: 105’. Feature film.
            Year 2010. THE AWARD. T.R.T: 15’. Short film.
            Year 2007. LOOKING FOR THE SUN. T.R.T: 35’. Documentary.
            Year 2005. CONDON EXPRESS. T.R.T: 100’. Feature film. (Co-scriptwriter)
            Year 2004. MACHULENCO. T.R.T: 17’’. Short film. (Director and Co-scriptwriter)
            Year 2004. HEART OF DARKNESS. T.R.T: 17’’. Short film.
            Year 2001. BORSH, THE SHELTER. T.R.T: 17’’. Short film.
            Year 2001. BAMBOLEHO. T.R.T: 15’. Short film. (Co-scriptwriter).
            Year 1999. VOYAGE TO THE MOON. T.R.T: 7 ‘. Short film.
            Year 1997. FOR A COFFE. T.R.T: 5’. Short film.
            Year 1996. CROSSING THE EMPTY. T.R.T: 55’. Documentary.
            Year 1997. THE SKIN. T.R.T: 8’. Short film.
            Year 1994. COSAS VISTAS DE FRENTE T.R.T: 12’. Experimental short film.

            Domus Films

            Domus Films was established by David Blanco.
            By its production profile the company develops feature films,
            short films and documentaries which express the contradictions
            and values of the world we live in. Currently it is looking into the
            running of European co-production mechanism for independent projects,
            and into the financial, promotion and distribution international procedures.


            David Blanco

            Trailer for David Blanco's filmography

            La sombra del sol (2011).
            El premio (2010).
            Machulenco (2005).
            El corazón de las tinieblas (2004).
            Borsh, el refugio (2002).
            Viaje a la Luna (1999).

            Director’s Mission Statement

            Main Actors

              Technical Team

                Who support us


                  • Agustín Pániker, historian of India, Kairos Editorial’s director (Spain)
                  • Jaume Ripoll, co-founder and commercial director from Filmin & Cameo (Spain)
                  • Elena P. Rumpler, writer (Spain)
                  • Bérènger Barrier, Bioskope Productions (France)
                  • Luis Prieto, filmmaker (USA / Spain)
                  • Sarah Webster, filmmaker and art director (Italy)
                  • Marcelo von Schvartz, director and producer (Thailand)
                  • Lluïsot, illustrator and cartoonist (Spain)
                  • Yves Cohen, filmmaker and producer (France
                  • Paul Wimberger, actor and singer (Austria)
                  • Pato Pérez, musician (Spain)
                  • Ángela Arrospide, musician (Spain)
                  • Yael Ben-Horin, anthropologist (Israel)
                  • Luis Trepat, photographer (Spain)
                  • Ajay Jethy, actor (India)
                  • Daniel Freire, actor (Spain)

                  Contact with us

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